Animal licensing


Town Code requires that all dogs residing in the Town of Castle Rock over the age of 6 months be licensed. Cats do not require a license.

If you live within the municipal limits of the Town, such as in one of the following neighborhoods, a municipal license is required for your dog:

  • Baldwin Park
  • Castle Grove
  • Castle Highlands
  • Castle North
  • Castle Oaks
  • Castle Ridge
  • Castlewood Ranch
  • Cobblestone Ranch
  • Crystal Valley Ranch
  • Diamond Ridge
  • Downtown
  • Escavera
  • Founders Village
  • Glovers
  • The Meadows
  • Memmen Ridge
  • Metzler Ranch
  • The Pines
  • Pinon Soleil
  • Plum Creek
  • Red Hawk
  • Sapphire Pointe
  • Stone Canyon Ranch
  • Timber Canyon
  • The Woodlands

Reasons to license your pet

Public health

The health and safety of our residents and their pets is a primary concern. This is why we have set up the license expiration to run concurrent with the expiration of your pet’s rabies vaccination. This way, we are able to ensure animals within the Town are current with this very important aspect of disease control.

Pet-related funding

Licensing provides an excellent way to monitor our domestic animal population. Knowing how many and even what types of dogs reside in the Town can provide valuable information when it comes time to request funding of pet-related expenditures such as dog parks, cleanup stations, etc. Our goal is to make Castle Rock the best place to live for both you and your pet.

Identification / lost and found

When your pet is licensed, he or she will receive a tag to be worn on the collar. This tag will show the month and year the license expires, which in most cases will be the date the next rabies vaccination is due. The tag also has the phone number to the Castle Rock Police Department and a number assigned specifically to your pet.

If your pet is found, Animal Control can reference that number to you and contact you using the information provided on your application form.


  1. Fill out our online application, or print out a hard copy to mail-in (best viewed with Internet Explorer).
  2. Complete all sections.
  3. Provide a copy of the certificate of rabies vaccination (email or mail to Animal Control)
  4. Calculate the fee(s) using the chart below
  5. Once complete, click submit and your application will be delivered to our Animal Control division. You can mail copies of rabies vaccination and fee to:
    CRPD Animal Care & Control
    100 N Perry St.
    Castle Rock, CO 80104
  6. Make check payable to CRPD Animal Control

Note: Pets with a three-year vaccination may apply for either a one-year or a three-year license.

  1-year vaccination
spayed or neutered
3-year vaccinations
spayed or neutered
1-year vaccinations
non-spayed or non-neutered
3-year vaccinations
non-spayed or non-neutered
Renewal $10 $30 $20 $60

Your application will be processed, and your tag and receipt will be mailed to the address provided on the application form. Please allow up to 10 days.

Rules and regulations

For a complete listing of all rules and regulations for animals in Castle Rock, view the Municipal Code.

Contact us

If you have any Animal Services questions, email us or call our non-emergency number 303-663-6100 and ask for Animal Care & Control.