Pavement Maintenance Program

Construction cone on Meadows Blvd

Sprucing up Town streets with annual roadwork

Each spring, the Town begins a roadway refresh that extends the life of our streets. This year, annual roadwork is coming to central Castle Rock as part of the Pavement Maintenance Program. PMP divides the Town into five major regions, focusing on the neighborhood streets of one region, along with a few primary roadway projects each year. Concentrating residential work in specific areas of Town improves savings and efficiency. View an interactive map of each region and the primary roadways to see what work will be done in 2020 and beyond.

Residents in the central region can view the 2020 Pavement Maintenance Program Map (PDF) to locate their neighborhood street and see what type of work to expect. Roadwork begins in April and is completed by late summer, weather depending. 

View the central neighborhood 2020 Pavement Maintenance Program mailer

Progress Tracker 

View the 2020 Central PMP Treatment Progress Tracker map for work that has been completed to date. Check back for updates to this map every two weeks. 

2020 Primary roadway projects 

The primary streets that will be addressed this year as part of PMP include Meadows Boulevard, Castle Oaks Drive, Factory Shops Boulevard, Valley Drive and Park Street.