Pavement Maintenance Program

Keeping streets safe with annual roadwork

Each year, the Town budgets and plans summer road maintenance on both primary and local streets through the Pavement Maintenance Program. Annual maintenance extends the life of our roads and helps us get the most out of our investment in infrastructure. In 2019, the Town will be repairing and improving more than 127 lane miles.

Five-year rotation

Concentrating residential work in specific areas of Town improves savings and efficiency. View our interactive map to see when maintenance is expected in your area.

2020: Central Castle Rock
For local streets, this Council-approved program concentrates work to one of five areas of Town on a rotating basis. Residents who will be impacted will receive a mailer with more information.

View the 2019 Pavement Maintenance Program mailer

Concentrating this work helps minimize disruption to neighborhoods, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Primary roads 

Each year as part of the program, main roads are also addressed. 


Roadwork generally begins in April/May and is completed by late summer. 


In all, the Town will invest $15 million in street maintenance this year. The funding is primarily from the Town’s Transportation Fund, which includes revenues from sales tax, motor vehicle tax and building use tax.

We'll be in touch!

While we work to improve roads in your neighborhood, we know it means a temporary inconvenience, so we want you to know what to expect in terms of timing and communication. 

If we will be working on your street, we will send you a letter about two weeks ahead of time, and our contractor will place a note on your door 48 to 72 hours before scheduled work. 

We appreciate your patience. Please know, sometimes, weather impacts our schedule. We will do our best to keep you notified.