Planning and Community Development

Creating long-range strategies

We see the future, and the quality of that future depends on the choices we make today. 

The goal of the Planning Division is to help the Town make decisions that work now and way down the road, too. We work with residents to create long-range strategies. We review new development applications. We strive to accommodate the needs of current and future residents, while preserving and protecting Castle Rock’s identity and quality of life. 

From lighting to parking to zoning issues, we help manage change.

Honoring past commitments

In a thriving community, it’s no surprise that growth is on the mind of many Castle Rock residents. Colorado is experiencing unprecedented growth, and the Town of Castle Rock is no exception. While keeping up with the steady pace of growth is challenging, the Town insists that new development be high quality and consistent with our community character. How are we doing that?

Much of Castle Rock was zoned beginning in the 1980s, and landowners are legally entitled to develop the land according to previously approved zoning requirements. While Town Council is obligated to honor the legal contracts of the past, there are plans in place for responsible, quality growth. 

Resources and information

  • 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan
  • Castle Rock Style
  • Design Guidelines
  • Historic Preservation Plan
  • Small cell technology frequently asked questions
  • Southwest Quadrant Plan - The Southwest quadrant is a 3,400-acre area in Southwest Castle Rock west of Interstate 25 and south of the Plum Creek Parkway interchange. Public participation meetings and studies were held to determine the development direction for the area. As a result of these and other Town planning efforts, goals were developed for the area. The Southwest Quadrant Plan goals are to develop it according to sustainable development principles and comprehensive plans, while meeting the collective needs of the property owners and community as a whole.
  •  Wolfensberger Road Area Plan - The Wolfensberger Road area is a neighborhood within Castle Rock that supports the community by offering industrial, business and convenience services to residents and visitors. The Wolfensberger Road Area Plan assures future growth proceeds in a manner consistent with the Town's vision, Comprehensive Master Plan and other community goals. When used in conjunction with other planning documents, this plan should serve as a guide for future private and public decision-making regarding development, redevelopment and public improvements for the Wolfensberger area.