Part of fighting fires is to prevent them from ever starting. Community safety as a whole is another great concern. That's why the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department has a dedicated division for fire and life safety education.

What we do:

  • Car Seat Safety and Inspections
  • Fire Prevention
  • Safety Tips
  • CPR Courses
  • Fire Station Tours
  • Safety Talks
  • Senior Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Birthday Visits
  • Smoke Alarm Assistance

Be our partner in fire safety

We believe you are our partners in the community. If you would like to schedule a fire station visit or other education class for your school, scout group or daycare, submit this form.
The Fourth of July is just a week away, and we know lots of us will want to celebrate with fireworks. Please remember, personal fireworks are only legal on July 4 in Castle Rock. Also, please watch our Facebook page for any fire restrictions that might impact use of fireworks.

When using fireworks legally, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue also offers these safety tips:

-Ensure you use legal firework...s. In Colorado, the general rule is anything that leaves the ground or explodes is illegal. (Likely, whatever you purchase in Castle Rock is legal)

-Did you know sparklers can get as hot as 1,200 degrees? Find a safer alternative for kids, like a glow stick.

-Light fireworks far from things like trees, brush, leaves, and homes to avoid an accidental fire. It just takes one firework to cause a serious fire!

-Always have an extinguisher or bucket of water nearby just in case.

-Legal fireworks can still cause injuries. If an injury or fire occurs, dial 911

Have a safe and happy holiday!
Each Tuesday, we encourage everyone to take a moment and talk about it. This week, we encourage you to talk about fireworks safety. We’ll keep the topics and tips coming. Learn more about CRFD at