New Traffic Technology

New electronic lane signs coming in 2017

It’s a priority for Castle Rock Public Works to help drivers get where they’re going. Innovative technology has been installed along the Plum Creek Parkway corridor. 

Changing lanes for weekday commuters

As part of the road improvements along Plum Creek Parkway, the Town installed a new electronic traffic management system. It sounds complicated, but it’s simple to use and is expected to smooth out the commute for drivers accessing Interstate 25 during the morning rush hour. The new technology will allow drivers to use both lanes of Plum Creek Parkway to access I-25, rather than lining up single-file in the right lane. This approach is less costly than constructing an entirely new access lane and widening the bridge.

Here’s how it works:

New electronic signs will be installed along westbound Plum Creek Parkway for drivers heading to I-25. These electronic signs will designate lane assignments (whether they are through, through-or-right, or right-only), based on time of day. 

General lane assignments

Throughout most of the day, the signs will display arrows with the same lane assignments drivers are already used to:
  • The far right lane has access to northbound I-25, or goes through to the other side of the interstate. 
  • The middle lane only goes through.

Changes for morning peak

During the morning peak – roughly 4 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. – the lane assignments will change slightly so an extra lane of traffic can access northbound I-25. 
  • The far right lane will become a “right-turn-only” lane for drivers accessing I-25. 
  • The middle lane will become a “through-or-right” lane for additional access to the highway. 


This new technology allows drivers to use both lanes of Plum Creek Parkway during the morning peak. It expands access without the cost of building an extra lane. 

What you can do

It's always important to pay attention when you're on the road. As this new technology is implemented in November, we're asking you to be extra diligent. 

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