2017 Petitions

Petition related to mayoral elections returned, signature verification begins

The acting Town Clerk on July 20 announced there are a sufficient number of valid signatures in a citizen-initiated effort seeking to change language in the Town Charter regarding how the mayor is selected. Now, State Statute required Town Council to set the ballot question and call a special election. 
The Town on July 10 received a petition to change language in Castle Rock’s Charter regarding how the mayor is elected. The change would amend the Charter to allow for the at-large, town-wide election of the office of mayor. The mayor is currently appointed by Town Council. 
In addition, it will include district changes. Town Council currently consists of seven members elected from the district they live in. The proposed amendment would reduce the number from seven to six districts. 

About the process

In April, the Town Clerk verified the forms of three petitions for circulation. The petitioners returned one of those with signatures. The petitioners returned version B. (See below). The acting clerk on July 20 verified there are enough valid signatures to move forward. 

Setting the ballot question and calling the special election is done by ordinance, which required two readings. The special election has been set for Tuesday, Nov. 7. Learn more about the 2017 Special Election.


Town Charter

The Town Charter is the basic, foundational document for the Town of Castle Rock. Learn more and see the full Charter