Gordon Drive Improvement Project

Castle Rock Water is planning infrastructure improvements along Gordon Drive to address stormwater flows and minimize street flooding. In order to construct the storm sewer system within the existing right-of-way, modifications to the existing sanitary sewer and water line infrastructure may be necessary.  

The Public Works Department has scheduled proposed improvements that include reconstruction of Gordon Drive pavement from an inverted crown to a standard crown with catch curb and gutter, between Johnson Drive and Gordon Lane. Some adjacent streets may receive an asphalt overlay.  

The initial phase of design will begin Aug. 7 and includes surveying the area to verify right-of-way and easement limits. The survey is being conducted by Bohannan Huston, Inc. and involves the locating of physical markers identifying easements. The survey, which should be completed by early fall, will assist in the preparation of project design options. Castle Rock Water and the Public Works Department will host an open house later this year to discuss the proposed project with residents before proceeding with the final design. Check back for open house details.

The Gordon Drive Improvement Project is scheduled for 2018. Residents will receive additional updates prior to construction.

For additional information and questions regarding the survey, please call the Stormwater Hotline at 720-733-2235 or email us.

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